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Body contouring is one of the most sought after aesthetic treatments, and Red Light Therapy has additional benefits beyond fat loss that makes it an increasingly popular modality for a variety of wellness practices

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  • anti-aging effects on our skin

  • get rid of cellulite

  • neurological disease

  • depression and anxiety

  • increase fat loss

  • speed recovery from exercise

  • increase strength and endurance

  • increase energy

  • combat certain autoimmune conditions

  • fight hair loss

  • speed healing from injury

  • improve metabolism and hormonal health

Top Providers of

Red Light Therapy:

  • Chiropractors

  • Med Spas

  • Wellness Centers

  • Gyms

  • Athletic Centers

  • College/Pro Sports Teams

  • Holistic Health Centers

The Need for Trifecta Light

More powerful, most reliable. No Side Effects. Easy Process. No Recovery Time Required.

Trifecta Light is an industry leader in the revolutionary red light therapy treatment systems. We specialize in sales, marketing, and distribution of red light therapy for the treatment and management of fat reduction, skin rejuvenation, and whole-body healing in general.

Our device has benefitted all types of health professionals and wellness institutions who wish to enhance their offerings with red light therapy. We have spent many hours researching, testing, and perfecting our product for results that are unmatched by any other red light therapy device on the market.

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There is ZERO financial risk.

Red Light Therapy Benefits



Red light penetrates the fat cells beneath the skin to break apart unwanted fat. The broken down fat is absorbed by the body and eliminated naturally. Trifecta Light helps users lose fat, body weight, and the appearance of cellulite non-invasively and without pills.



Red light therapy has been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin production which is vital to soft, supple, and tight skin. The anti-aging effect of Trifecta Light is a strong draw for many users.



Red light therapy increases cellular activity by penetrating the mitochondria to produce more ATP and diminish oxidative stress in the body. It therefore can be relied on by both athletes to enhance recovery as well as those with injuries.

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Learn More About Red Light Therapy

How Does Red and Near-infrared Light Work For Inch Loss/Weight Loss

The red light penetrates fat cells, causing the cell membrane to become temporarily permeable and the fat leaks out of the fat cells… and you get immediate inch loss. The near-infrared light enhances the formation of your elastin and collagen in the skin and tightens the skin. You get a true body contouring effect.

Our Trifecta Light Pads are...

Leading the revolutionary full body red light therapy treatment systems. Our devices have benefited all types of health professionals and wellness institutions who wish to enhance their offerings. Our results are unmatched.

What is Red Light Therapy and how does it work?

The key discovery is that Light Therapy actually stimulates the tissues of the body at the cellular level. The light energy penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the mitochondria of the cells. This energizes the mitochondria and accelerates healing of damaged nerves and surrounding tissues.

It does this in part by increasing the oxygenation of injured tissue. In fact, regardless of what type of tissue that is involved, red light therapy dramatically increases cellular function.

Clinically-Proven Benefits

Skin Health + Body Contouring + Muscle Recovery + Mental Clarity + Athletic Performance + Joint Pain + Relaxation & Sleep + Restore Cellular Health + Improve Circulation Enables Healing of Tissues + Vasodilation increases blood flow with oxygen and nutrients + Improved Sleep + Effective Treatment for Acne + Hair Loss + Migraines + Fibromyalgia

What does Red Light and Near- Infrared Light (NIR) Therapy do?

It’s been proven that this biochemical reaction results in a multitude of health benefits.

RED LIGHT is primarily absorbed by your skin, leading to increased collagen production and optimal skin health.

NEAR-INFRARED LIGHT penetrates deeper within your body - enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain.

Delivering Safe, Consistent & Superior Results

With the Trifecta Light Therapy Program, clients will experience a relaxing, non-invasive treatment where they easily and safely lose unwanted inches, heal their painful ailments and reap the rejuvenating skin benefits they have been searching for. All without the need for costly and painful surgery.

What are Mitochondria and ATP?

The primary function of red light therapy is to increase energy production. Red light strengthens the mitochondria, the part of the cell that creates energy (ATP).

ATP is an important energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things.

Trifecta uses the red and near-infrared wavelengths listed by the FDA for efficacy and safety.

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Our products are low-risk general wellness/fitness products in accordance with the FDA's “General Wellness Policy” on low risk devices.

(Draft released January 20th 2015)